"Black Hen Designs: A Tale of Creativity and Nature"

In the heart of the picturesque Irish countryside, a creative spark ignited a remarkable journey. Black Hen Designs, a company founded by the husband-and-wife duo, Vida and Andy, began its beautiful story in late 2010. With their workshop nestled in Roscommon, they embarked on a mission to infuse their love of nature and wildlife into captivating framed illustrations on glass.

Vida's childhood memories on a small dairy farm in the west of Ireland were filled with the rhythms of rural life—milking cows, tending to chickens, and nurturing the land for turf. But alongside these responsibilities, creativity blossomed within her. The choice between becoming a farmer or an artist simmered in her heart, and her artistic passion grew stronger.

On the other hand, Andy, hailing from Surrey, found solace and inspiration during his school summer holidays with his grandparents on the Isle of Wight. The freedom of the countryside and his deep connection to nature left an indelible mark on his soul. Fate had them cross paths in London, but a shared dream eventually led them back to Vida's native village, Lisacul, in Ireland.

Having studied as a painter, Vida nurtured a long-time dream of establishing a separate business. As serendipity would have it, in August 2010, when Andy was recovering from a slipped disc, Vida encouraged him to explore his hidden talent for drawing. Using the technique of 'reverse glass painting,' he created a series of stunning wildlife illustrations. Thus, the seeds of Black Hen Designs were sown.

Armed with their glass-framed artwork, the couple set out to local agricultural and craft shows to gauge public opinion. Their hearts swelled with joy as they witnessed people's genuine affection for their creations. Encouraged by the positive response, Vida and Andy honed a unique style and christened their venture "Black Hen Designs," inspired by their charming black Orpington hens.

The journey did not stop there. A few years down the road, they took a stand at Bloom in The Park, a prestigious event, and serendipity smiled upon them again. There, they met the buyer from Kilkenny Design, a significant turning point in their venture.

Over the years, Black Hen Designs has captured the attention of the media, being featured in publications such as The Irish Examiner, Giftfocus (UK), and Discover Ireland. In 2022, they had the privilege of being interviewed by Pat Kenny on Newstalk, in a delightful conversation titled 'Keep it Local.'

As Vida Pain signs off, the story of Black Hen Designs continues to evolve, reminding us that creativity, nature, and passion can come together to create something truly remarkable. The company's artistry not only reflects the beauty of the Irish countryside but also brings smiles to people's faces as they cherish these intricate illustrations that connect us with the wonders of the natural world.